William Jermyn & Associates


Why Retain Us

  • Expertise
    We are not trying to be all things to all people. We have expertise and experience in strategic market research and operational marketing and business planning consultancy, in a range of industry sectors, and with Canada as the primary market focus. We also have specialist experience in trade and investment promotion, and in selected areas of training and personal development.

  • Objectivity
    We bring a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by hierarchical pressure or bias. If we cannot help our clients, we will say so, and refer them to other appropriate sources, if possible. We are not interested in being used simply as an outside stamp of approval on an executive's pet project.

  • Attention
    Clients get what they see. The principal consultant, Bill Jermyn, co-ordinates and manages all projects, deploying multi-disciplinary project teams from his network of associate consultants. He will not take on more than he can handle, and is available for consultation, at short notice, for the duration of a project, and after its conclusion, if necessary.

  • Efficiency
    Because we are specialised, we have access to information that often allows us to complete an assignment better, faster, and cheaper than clients can on their own, with the added advantage that clients can remain free to operate their on-going business without diversion.

  • Anonymity
    Because we are independent, we need not reveal the identity or purpose of our clients, within normal legal and ethical bounds, when involved in senitive research projects.

  • Cost
    Operating with a small core unit, leveraging customised project teams, overheads are minimized, and as a result, we offer competitive rates. We do not apply a mark-up on direct expenses. We select the appropriate level of associate for the particular work in hand, such that the client is not paying for an overqualified, and thus overly costly solution.

We believe we offer practical, market-driven solutions, with value for money.


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