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How We Operate


Consultations usually start with a written brief from the client, followed by discussion and assessment and interpretation of the clients' requirements and goals. We then prepare a proposal which discusses our understanding of the task at hand, outlines our approach in meeting objectives, and details the professional time and costs involved. The proposal also describes the proposed project team's qualifications.

Following acceptance of the proposal, further detailed consultations are held to ensure that all necessary briefing has been obtained. For all research and consultancy projects, the most cost-effective mix of secondary and primary information sources, and staffing resources are used.

Interim discussions and reports are scheduled during the course of the project, as appropriate. In the case of research and short-term consultancy projects, typically, a final written report is prepared including all conclusions and recommendations. The findings are also presented verbally upon conclusion of the project.

In the case of longer-term operational consultancy, customised performance and monitoring arrangements will be agreed with the client.

This represents the general process for all work; it may be abbreviated, or changed, in specific cases, to more effectively meet client needs.


All fees, are based on consultant time and overhead costs.

A fixed price contract, for specific deliverables, is a common client preference. Depending on the nature of the project, fees can be also be levied for a pre-agreed consulting time input, which can be extended, if necessary, once the client has the opportunity to review results. Monthly retainer fees are another method appropriate to certain types of work. We will discuss and agree with the client the most suitable pricing, contract, and payment mechanisms.

All direct expenses, such as travel, accommodation, subsistence, and communication, etc., are billed at cost.

Professional Ethics

We know that we are being hired for independent judgment and objectivity, technical expertise, analytical skill, and concentrated attention to the exploitation of an opportunity, or the solution of a problem. We will strive to provide these skills and qualities at all times.

We will guard the confidentiality of all client information. We will not act simultaneously for two or more clients in potentially conflicting situations, without informing all parties in advance and securing their agreement to the arrangement. We will accept only those assignments for which we have the necessary experience and resources. If we cannot help our clients, we will say so, and refer them, if possible, to other appropriate sources.


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